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Welcome to LabMind - a geotechnical laboratory with focus on high quality testing of soils. Our clients are mainly from Sweden, and thus we only have a short summary in English. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

We perform all types of the most common laboratory tests, both on disturbed and undisturbed samples. Examples of equipment and tests we perform:

  • Routine analyses of soils, including classification, sedimentation, sieving, water content, Atterberg limits, bulk and grain density, and more.

  • Oedometer tests, both incremental and constant rate of strain test.

  • Direct simple shear tests using a fully automated simple shear apparatus, performing both drained and undrained tests. We use both stacked Teflon rings and reinforced rubber membranes.

  • Triaxial tests with a GDS Bishop & Wesley cell, 50 and 38 mm sample diameter. Our specially constructed sample placement equipment for soft clay samples ensures the highest quality handling.

  • Soil stabilization using a variety of soil binders such as cement, quick lime and a large number of other binders and byproducts. We stabilize soft clay soils using both the dry and wet method.

We are located in Stockholm, Sweden. 

LabMind AB

Fannys Väg 3

SE-131 54 Nacka, Sweden

Phone number:

+46 73 810 33 44



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